the subtitles problem with plex


I have the latest Plex server running on Linux. I usually watch movies on my iPad and Plex plugin on KODI. The one constant problem I experience are the subtitles.

I've used the opensubtitles option in Plex, and the Sub-zero plugin.

My problem with opensubtitles is that I don't have the option to offset, out of sync subtitles, and when using the Sub-zero plugin, I don't even see any options during movie playback to download/offset or choose subtitles. Again, I only use the iPad and the Plex plugin on KODI.

I have also tried downloading the subtitles and placing them next to the movie, but again, no option to offset them, if they don't match the movie.

I like Plex, but subtitles are kind of a big deal. Does Plex provide any options/flexibility with subs?


This is probably client specific, as e.g. openPHT/rasplex offers an option for subtitle off-set.


The plex server web interface does not offer this option either. Which is like, the official client.
Plus, I can’t run openpht on my iPad, so that doesn’t help.