Touchscreen driver for RasPlex



This touchscreen requires a driver from this github repo to operate on the GPIO pins of my RPI2. The included Jessie image w/preinstalled LCD drivers works great!

However, first timer to RasPlex I have learned it runs LibreELEC and I am not able to use ‘apt-get’, ‘git’, or even ‘raspi-config’ and my touchscreen is dead in the water without a driver (see screenshot). It runs on the GPIO ports instead of HDMI. I tested RasPlex on my HDMI monitor and it worked fine, so Plan B is to buy this touchscreen alternative instead. However, I would prefer to install this LCD driver to RasPlex.

I copied the LCD driver files on to my SD card where RasPlex is installed (contained in a .tar), but could not see them in RasPlex. With the ‘ls’ command, I can only see Plex related folders like music, movies, etc. I believe RasPlex is split into two partitions - one of which is hidden from the OS and contains folders visible to shell using the ‘ls’ command. Also, I am logging in as “root” with default password “rasplex”

Ideas appreciated! Thanks.