Trailers App nowhere to be found in apple tv 3 A1427



i was in the verge of trying to run plex i finished all the steps in the guide but i can’t find the trailers app. I even restored the apple tv all stock still the trailers application is missing.


Maybe Apple uses a different name for trailers in your Country. In my case it's called Cartazes

If you don't find trailers you can hijack WSJ Video instead. You have to generate the certificate for instead of


Strange I even tried changing the country, I really can;t find my trailers, i even opened each app, btw im from the Philippines.

could u provide instructions on how can i generate the certificate for wsj? thanks sir and what do i do next thank you so much


I have just created Q10 in the PlexConnect FAQ. Please let me know if this works for you.


Hey, sorry late reply, i was able to get it working following the guide you provided at the plexconnect Fag Thank you so much sir