Transferring Plex Media Server



Hey guys, so this hopefully will be simple. I have an EX4100 MyCloud which runs my Plex Media Server, I just bought a PR4100 MyCloud and I would like to transfer the Plex Media Server, I am using the exact same hard drives for my media, just changing the enclosure. I am not super techy so anything simplified would help.
Thanks to anyone that can help.


i believe you can just hot swap these to your PR4100, as long as the drives are removed and placed into the new NAS in the same order. Do you have them set up in any particular RAID configuration?


I’ve just done exactly the same swapover today. You just need to swap over your drives into the exact bay on the other device ie from bay one to bay one, bay two to bay two etc. Once you have swapped over the drives your nas will tell you that you need to click ok to continue. It took me less than five minutes for the swap over and to load up my plex server again.


Hi, I have a similar related question. I’m trying to swap my RAID from a mirrored setup to a striped setup. Is there an easy way to do this while keeping my Plex Media server settings? I’ve posted the question here: