Trouble accessing my NAS all of a sudden...



So I was watching PLEX and uploading files to the server at the same time. All of a sudden the video was having issues keeping up so i turned off PLEX and let my file transfer finish then rebooted the NAS. All of my files are there and PLEX says its running but the apps and the server access fail to connect. Just wondering where to start as I tried updating the PLEX server app and all the basic stuff I can think of other than uninstalling and just wanted to see if anyone had any ideas before I did that (which I assume will lose data? Not sure since Ive never uninstalled it before).


Thanks for all who looked. Not sure why no one has anything to add. I guess this is why people hate on this software.


I understand your frustration, A lot has to do with where you post your problems. I am not sure if I can be any help but I will try. What kind of NAS do you have? Make & Model