Troubles? Read here to learn how to provide great logs.



Many times we need logs from your Plex Media Server in order examine interaction between your Plex Media Server and device. It's very hard for us to use "casual" log files since there is a lot of unrelated information. These steps will help you get answers faster.

  1. First, logs from the server. Be sure you have "Debug" (but not "verbose") logging enabled for the server
  2. Quit Plex Media Server
  3. Delete or set aside your server log files
  4. Launch PMS
  5. Reproduce the issue one time
  6. As soon as it occurs, note the exact local time and grab your Plex Media Server.log file (along with any of the corresponding .log.1, etc. files that got generated)
  7. Save the XML Media Information for the library item you played

Then zip up the logs and XML file and attach that to your post along with the exact local time the issue occurred and specific details about the issue you're experiencing.