Two different networks




I have the following situation:

House 1 : (external ip:
1. router(ip: with port forwarding (53->53, 80->880, 443->4443, 32400->32400)
2. ubuntu(ip: headless server(Version 15.10) with Plex (Version 3.14.1) & plexconnect (Version: 0.5-dev-230417)
3. plexconnect goes on 880 and 4443 because i have Apache running on same machine

House 2 : (external ip:
1. router(ip:
2. apple tv 3(ip: with dns: and certificate installed from (success) because doesn't work

00:25:34 DNSServer: DNS request received!
00:25:34 DNSServer: Source: ('', 53482)
00:25:34 DNSServer: Domain:
00:25:34 DNSServer: ***intercept request
00:25:34 DNSServer: -> DNS response:

Apple TV apps like netflix and youtube work ok and i can see them in the log, but Trailers is going "Trailers is unavailable" Every. Single. Time.

Is there something wrong in my setup?

enable_plexgdm = False
ip_pms =
port_pms = 32400
enable_dnsserver = True
port_dnsserver = 53
ip_dnsmaster =
prevent_atv_update = True
enable_plexconnect_autodetect = False
ip_plexconnect =
hosttointercept =
port_webserver = 880
enable_webserver_ssl = True
port_ssl = 4443
certfile = ./assets/certificates/trailers.pem
loglevel = High
logpath = .


i tried shutting down apache and starting Plex on 80 and 443, remade the router forwarding... still doesn't work

15:00:00 WebServer: WebServer: Serving HTTP on port 80.
15:00:00 WebServer: ***
15:00:00 WebServer: started: 15:00:00
15:00:00 WebServer: ***
15:00:00 WebServer: WebServer: Serving HTTPS on port 443.
15:00:00 WebServer: ***
15:00:49 WebServer: serving *.cer: /trailers.cer

downloaded again the certificate from appletv using, tried from and doesn't work

15:01:02 DNSServer: DNS request received!
15:01:02 DNSServer: Source: ('', 53868)
15:01:02 DNSServer: Domain:
15:01:02 DNSServer: ***intercept request
15:01:02 DNSServer: -> DNS response:

after this.. "Trailers unavailable"


Check this setting on your Plex Media Server,

"Settings>Server>Network>List of networks that are allowed without auth" is what you may need.

If only at house 1, and ATV was on the same LAN as server, then you would need, (house 2)

I know these aren't your real external IP's, but if so they would need to be in there also,

If using WAN/Internet connections from house to house, I believe you MUST use the MyPlex login to have server be discovered (when external IP changes on modem). Then the above changes would not be needed. For this scenario. you would then need to add some info in the ATVSettings.cfg file for the login info. myplex_user = and myplex_auth =

To get the auth hash value, login manually one ATV, then check the ATVSettings file, and you see the hash value, now place that in the myplex_auth = and this will apply to all of you ATV's.



thank you for your answer. yes you are right, those aren't my real ip's :))
so i tried what you said, put these,,
in Settings>Server>Network>List of networks that are allowed without auth

it still doesn't work. did i set them correct?x.x.x.x is the network mask right?


i tried setting the DNS on my laptop to
i can see all the websites i acces in my server's PlexConnect log. But when i acces it doesn't go thru.

21:55:22 DNSServer: DNS request received!
21:55:22 DNSServer: Source: ('', 52085)
21:55:22 DNSServer: Domain:
21:55:22 DNSServer: **intercept request
21:55:22 DNSServer: -> DNS response:
21:55:23 DNSServer: DNS request received!
21:55:23 DNSServer: Source: ('', 60499)
21:55:23 DNSServer: Domain:
21:55:23 DNSServer: *
*intercept request
21:55:23 DNSServer: -> DNS response:

if i ping from my laptop with the DNS set to i get this:

92 bytes from Destination Host Unreachable
Vr HL TOS Len ID Flg off TTL Pro cks Src Dst
4 5 00 5400 5d87 0 0000 3f 01 36ae


do you guys think setting up a VPN would work?>ubuntu being the vpn server>router->ATV being the client


@frozenxis If you had an ATV2 in house2 you could install PlexConnect on it, but this is not possible on ATV3. There are only two ways to have a remote ATV3 working with Plex:

  1. Have in the remote location another machine (RasPI for example) where you can install PlexConnect. Then, when you login with your credentials, this ATV3 will see the home1 server as a remote server
  2. Create a VPN between both houses, so that both ATV's are in the same subnet as the machine running PlexConnect