Unable to cast to Plexamp outside of home network?


I love this project. It's gapless playback is perfect and exactly what I need, although I prefer the web interface for controlling plexamp.

So when I'm on the home network, I have no problem casting to the local plexamp. I can see the app available to cast to, and I have full control. However, outside of my home network, the web interface (running directly from my fileserver) cannot see any versions of plexamp to cast to. However, under status > now playing, it can see that plexamp is playing, so it knows it exists and is working, but it appears the remote control only works one way.

Is there some particular settings I need to adjust in the json config files (or plex server itself), or can plexamp simply not be controlled remotely from a web interface when it's not inside the local network?


Plex companion doesn’t work across network boundaries. You need to have a Plex client within the same local network where Plexamp is running, in order to remote-control it.

Depending on the type of plex client, this may require you to set up a plex server in this network as well (without media on it, it just needs to be present in the network).

btw. it doesn’t make sense in most cases to open a remote desktop session to your server machine and then run Plex Web in there. Simply load https://app.plex.tv/desktop and be done with it.


That assumes you’ve enabled remote access to your Plex Server. And there may be many reasons why you decide not to do that. :-p