VBox dvr



This is more a question for the Plex Support but I am not sure where it should go. I own a VBOX which is much more reliable than the HDHomerun which I ended up returning. I have checked out the API and it seems quite reasonable. It also allows recording to a NAS box. Are the Plex team considering supporting other products for their DVR program?


Hi, I also have a VBOX and I would like to use the DVR functionality with it.
I just bought a Plex Pass subscription with the hope that the Plex team will support it.



I too have a vbox and would like to Plex to access it. It would be worth going to Premium just to that functionality. Is this a possibility.


I also have a vbox in europe,is there a timeline when Plex will be able to pick these up for Live TV and DVR?


+1 for support of the vbox. Why not bring two great products together.



me too


Any Plex developer that could shed some light on this?
Is there any plan to implement this?


+1, just got one as a Christmas present. C’mon, give me a reason to retire MediaPortal! :smiley:


Yes please to vbox!


Please provide support for VBox


UPDATE: I’ve heard from the VBox technical team this week, that they are “close” to Plex support :slight_smile: Exactly what sort of support, I guess we’ll need to wait and see…


It would really be a great thing as pvr plugin for libreelec does not work well