Web app broken for Microsoft Edge



Cant login to the site (no that’s not the real IP). I try to login with e-mail and it kicks me out to try to login again and again.

This is the screen I cant get past.

I click sign in, it redirects me to where the index should be for my plex server. Then the server redirects me back to the sign in page again. It works on chrome, but just wanted to put it out there that edge broke. And was working before.


I also have this exact same problem, however I have found that if you use firebox or chrome or ios you can access it, also plex media play can access it. its Microsoft edge that wont allow access, just keeps looping back to this same screen everytime you attempt to login


An update to the auth app was just deployed with fixes for ie11. Can you verify whether these changes fix sign-in for you?


Hello, do I need to download anything or reboot anything? if not I still can't login via edge but can via chrome and firefox


Same issue here this morning. Borked with Edge. Cannot sign in just keeps looping.
Works fine on all other browsers.


Problem still exists with Edge.
As soon as I login to my account I am facing a login loop.
With Chrome and Firefox it works fine.


Same problem here.. :(


Same problem for me - version of Microsoft Edge 38.14393.0.0


Same problem here:

client with Windows 10
-> Edge 40.15063.0.0 loops endless
-> FF 52.3.0 (32-bit) works fine

server with DSM 6.1.3-15152 Update 5
-> Plex


same here. IE and Chrome work fine, but I've become accustomed to using Edge. Would be a shame to lose Edge to admin my server.


same here. IE ok. Firefox: ok. Safari OK: Edge: Not ok!!!


I upgraded Edge to 40.15063.0.0
and it still does not work.
No answer from Plex people???


Can confirm same issue. Can work around the problem by using the IP address of the server rather then the host name.
Can anyone else verify if this resolves the issue for them?



Hopefully this gets it working for others.


Surly there is a better fix than that... Come on PLEX please fix your logon app...

But thank you tteitzel for the tip. :smiley:


New version of the server: 1.9.5 but not better...Is this a joke? Why are we paying a plex pass? and btw using the IP address or the hostname does not change anything. I am forced to use another browser. Shame!


Same problem here... stuck in a logjn loop


@duncanbeevers said:
An update to the auth app was just deployed with fixes for ie11. Can you verify whether these changes fix sign-in for you?

Duncanbeevers I can verify that the changes have not fixed the sign-in problem for us. Look into correcting the problem again, please.


Can confirm still having the same issue after latest server update


also Broken in Edge and IE for me. It does work by changing server name to IP Address in URL. I'm running Version