Xbox One ‘On Deck’ titles not showing up



Hi there,

On my housemates Xbox One Plex app after he signs in (from a local Plex server in the same house), it seems the ‘On Deck’ section where it lists current shows and movies being watched, is not showing anything being watched except for one X Files episode which never changes. We have just tried to reinstall the Plex app and resign in with his details, and also shutdown and restart his Xbox, with no luck. I know for sure that he is indeed in the middle of watching a few movies etc, so I am puzzled as to why his On Deck feature is not working.
He also wants to know how to auto play a television series via the app once he starts watching it without playing anything, like Netflix does.

Any help would be much appreciated,
Thanks in advance


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This may not be why but I know if you have Plex Pass and have setup multiple users that the users do not share watched or on deck information.

If that doesn’t help I’m pretty sure all that information is stored on the server itself so the problem would be with the server and not the apps… so I’d check the server… I’d check to see if the drive the plex server is installed on has enough free disk space, then I’d reboot the server and if that doesn’t fix things up I’d also check to see if the server needs to be updated.


Ok interesting, thanks for your advice, I do appreciate it :slight_smile: If it’s a server issue I am thinking that seeing I have no other issues with my Plex server, and that my PC (and server) is turned off overnight every couple of days, that maybe I should try re adding my housemate as a friend on the server. The system HDD has enough space, and the server is always updated to latest version, but before re adding him I may try refreshing the server by going into uninstall options and refreshing things. I am thinking I should not have to reinstall my entire server, as this would take a lot of time, but it’s a good point as why else would it not show another users history, on deck and personal recommendations?


If it’s a user you added to your plex pass… and he doesn’t have his own plex that you’re sharing libraries with then yeah I would try deleting the user and re-adding it, it’s possible it’s a corrupt file or something specific to that user or even before you try that just add a 3rd account and see how on deck performs when you start a few series or movies.


I have an update. I have a few users using my Plex Server (which is not currently a Plex pass, but was initially and will re happen in due time), and 2 users have now told me that - tv episodes are able to be listed on the ‘On Deck’ section, however Movies are not. So this is not just an issue to do with a single Plex user, it seems the Plex Server is somehow not showing these menu items for the users, and I do not believe that there user logins is showing intuitive recommendations of what to watch as a guide in columns either - like what Netflix does?
Can someone please tell me how I fix this?
Do I delete all users and then re add them with new logins?
Do I try to repair the Plex server via the uninstall options?
Is there any way of doing a refresh of the server without having to totally start over? Deleting and reinstating the entire server will take forever, including re downloading all cover art and info, I wouldn’t think I would need to do this for this type of error?


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