xbox one server unavailable



About 4 months ago Xbox one would not connect to server. I can access it on all other platforms, I can access it remotely on all platforms just not on Xbox one. I'm running version. I have uninstalled Plex on my server, uninstalled Plex one Xbox one.. delete all ip address on my router, rebooted my router and then reinstalled Plex on server and Xbox one. have. linked my Xbox one to my Plex account. Xbox shows up under devices, Plex app shows me my Server name but says it cannot access it, keeps giving me message server unavailable. How can Xbox find the name of my server but gives me a message server unavailable. What is going on?


Hi there. Is the server on the same network as the Xbox One? Do you have a double NAT by any chance?


In the settings there is a point “fall back on insecure connection” or something like that. If you enable this for local servers, he also finds the Plex server again. Why he can not establish a secure connection to the server, no idea, I had the same problem.


Yes server on same local network, i do not have a double NAT. I tried setting it to connect on insecure network, same issue. I just don’t understand how i can access PLEX on my android phone and table in my house or at my work with no issue. My window computer can access it with a direct connection or insecure connection. My Xbox One can access online gaming and watch netflix without any issue. I cannot pin point the exact time Plex on Xbox One stop working. My Xbox One does auto update and so does my Media server, so i not sure which one caused the issue. All i know is a lot of Googling and I see this looks like a common problem, but nobody seem to know how to fix it.