5.1 Audio Not Working



Similar to another question that was posted, but I am not getting 5.1 audio from Xbox One or Xbox 360. I have MPEG 2 File (WTV container), with AC3 5.1 audio. When played through other apps on Xbox (media center, video player, etc.) I am getting the 5.1 audio, but when played through PLEX, I am not getting the surround sound.

Are there other containers and codec's that just work with 5.1 audio, or is it a problem across the board? Sounds like this may be a known issue? Is there a rough time-frame for resolution?

My X360 is feeding via HDMI into a 5.1 receiver. M Xbox One is feeding via HDMI directly to the TV (because my receiver does not support 4K pass through) and then digital audio out back to my 5.1 receiver. But in both cases I am not getting surround sound. On the X360 Plex app it tells me AC3 5.1, but when comparing the sound to the media center playing of the same video clip, it is obviously not surround.


I am also having issues with 5.1 audio on Xbox 360. I took the exact same file I loaded into Plex Media Server, put it on a USB stick and played it directly on the Xbox 360 through it's player... 5.1 audio is there.