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Hey all,


I'm having a bit of a conundrum. PlexConnect runs fine with no errors, the hijack works fine, I can see the Plex hijack on my Apple TV 3. The problem is when I try to start a file up.I end up getting the dreaded and vague "An error occurred loading this content. Try again later." error. For every file I try, be that MKV, AVI, what-have-you.


Here is what I have done so far to attempt to affect a solution. I have restored and updated the Apple TV to the latest firmware. I have removed and reinstalled a fresh install of plexconnect straight from iBaa's github repo and followed the guides to the letter generating new certs, etc. This is largely why I can actually see the Plex interface when accessing Trailers.


I'm at a loss here. Everything is freshly installed outside of a complete wipe of the serving machine (an older Mac Mini --last unibody with a cd drive-- which has worked perfectly fine besides this error).


The current ATV firmware installed is 7.2


Let me know what else I need to provide you guys in order to troubleshoot this issue.





Logs - see -> Read before posting.


+1 ^^^ Logs  :rolleyes:

... by chance is what you are attempting to watch an mkv?

... Have you tested the file in question with another viewer like VLC to see if it is ok or corrupted?


Which logs? Just the plexconnect.log? Or do you need other logs?

Also, the page you mentioned, Baa, doesn't indicate this. It indicates something about how NOT to provide certain elements of a log file (?) "- but: no logfiles copy-pasting (attach it or show a pastebin link) with loglevel=High and limiting to the issue, please." <- I have no clue what this is getting at, frankly.

As I indicated above it is not specific to any file type. The files are in perfect shape.


After some more persistence I was able to sort things out. Mods, please close this thread.



How did you resolve this? I am experiencing similar issues. Plex connect is connecting to the ATV fine but I receive the same error message when trying to play any content from my own server. I can however view content from a server which is shared with me.


Read 2nd post in this topic.


Well noted - does the below help?

I am seeing the error when attempting to play any media - movies, tv shows or music - this first occurred a couple of days ago and prior to that everything was working just fine. I notice that none of the cover art is showing anymore either. This is happening on two ATVs I have. I am able to play content which is streaming from a server which is shared with me and I am also able to play content from my own server in browser or on ipad and iphone - I can see the cover art also on these other devices. I am not sure if this is relevant or just coincidence but I first noticed the problem after I installed jriver media center; the problem remains after uninstalling jriver.

Your ATV model (2 or 3) and firmware version (found under the ATV settings > general > about > Apple TV software): Apple TV 3, 7.2
The DNS server set on the ATV (found under the ATV settings > general > network > DNS):
The local IP address of the device that PlexConnect is installed on:
The device and operating system (including version number) that PlexConnect is installed on: PC running Windows 7 Professional SP1
The device and operating system (including version number) that the Plex media server (PMS) is installed on: PC running Windows 7 Professional SP1 (same device as PlexConnect)
The Plex media server (PMS) version number you are running (do not put 'latest'):
The local IP address of the device that the Plex media server (PMS) is installed on:
The PlexConnect version number. If using Github source then a time and date of download (look at the creation date of the folder) and if you are using any non-standard setup e.g. Plexify or a fork. Downloaded 22.06.2015, standard setup.
enable_plexgdm = True
ip_pms =
port_pms = 32400
enable_dnsserver = True
port_dnsserver = 53
ip_dnsmaster =
prevent_atv_update = True
enable_plexconnect_autodetect = True
ip_plexconnect =
hosttointercept =
port_webserver = 80
enable_webserver_ssl = True
port_ssl = 443
certfile = ./assets/certificates/trailers.pem
allow_gzip_atv = False
allow_gzip_pmslocal = False
allow_gzip_pmsremote = True
loglevel = High
logpath = .
Have zipped and attached the PlexConnect.log file; I deleted and generated a new file for this post but it was over 2MB so could not link with Pastebin. (159 KB)


I started having the same issues yesterday. Fresh install of PlexConnect didn't help.

Log attached.


david: the issue is:

17:12:55 PlexAPI: David PC

Your PMS is detected at - the loop-back address. That string is communicated to aTV for media requests (video, thumbnails...). But obviously aTV can not reach your PMS with that address...

I have no idea, why PlexGDM picked that address, but that way it just can't work. Try solving this issue, or set
enable_plexgdm = False
ip_pms =


I ended up upgrading to Yosemite, didn't help my issue. Noticed my version of NTFS for mac didn't work on Yosemite so I upgraded it and now I can play again (NTFS external hosts the media). Not sure why it stopped working before the Yosemite upgrade though.


also for me give the same problem after last update


Please refer to