Auto-Play Stops Randomly



Apple TV 4, tvOS 10.2 (14W265). Plex version 1.9 (5581). PMS version 3.0.1 on Ubuntu.

For some strange reason auto-play will stop after a few episodes as if it's waiting for input to plat the next episode. I start by hitting play on a season like normal, it will play two or three episodes, and then stops. There won't be any 15 second count-down at that point, it just sits and waits for my to hit the Play button on the next episode. This behaviour is only noticeable on my Apple TV devices and is not limited to any single show or any single PMS installation. I've played multiple seasons on two different PMS installs and they all stall out eventually on Apple TV. My Roku boxes will play the entire season end to end without any hiccups.

What should be my next step to figure this out?


The same problem here. Three times it goes well, then auto play will stop and wait for input.

Apple TV 4, tvOS 10.2 (14W265). Plex version 1.10. PMS version Version on Mac


The problem is known, or no one else has the problem?


There's one other thread on this issue but it's a dead end as well. Autoplay pausing in the middle of the night which is exactly what I've been experiencing.


Not on Apple here, also noticing this. Would like to be able to choose how many episodes go for before it auto-stops. We're not Netflix -- we have our own collections, networks etc.. I think we should be able to choose auto-play settings. Not someone else.


The error still exists. Here is someone from Plex willing once to see the mistake. Or is the topic kept silent?


Same issue exists for myself as well on Apple TV 4, autoplay will simply cease at random between episodes.


I can confirm the same on my Apple TV 4 and 4K. Totally random and I do not see any errors in the logs. Ironically my Apple TV 2 does not have this issue via PlexConnect. Episodes play endlessly. So it does not seem to be a Plex Media Server issue, but rather something with the tvOS app. Please resolve! Thanks a bunch :).


Follow-up… If I create a playlist for a TV show in Plex and use that on the Apple TV 4 or 4K, then all episodes play without any random stops. So it’s definitely a bug with the tvOS Plex app. Maybe a glitch with the auto-play / Up Next function?


this is not apple specific.

at a minimum it happens on roku clients too


Has there been a resolution to this? I can play 2 to 3 episodes and then it just holds. I have to manually push play to trigger the next file to play. Then it repeats.


Does it on Chromcast, as well.


This is also happening to me on a Roku 3 when I’m shuffling a TV series. After several episodes it will sit on the screen where it would usually be counting down but I have to manually press to watch the next episode.

Really hoping this gets attention and is fixed.