Black screen



I listen a episode in h264 1080p. I press pause and few hour later when i restart episode. Screen is black and i didn't see button on screen.after I try on other serie and it didn't work. I only have sound. I reinstall but nothing work. It cut completly the signal to tv because i see countdown before shut off. It's only on my xbox one. On roku, pc and android, everything else work. If anybody can help me with my problem


I have exactly the same issue. Reducing quality sometimes fixes the problem, but it returns. Something seems to be broken with the client ?


When i play any film through plex I get a black screen and it seems connection via HDMI is cut out. everything else on my xbox one works fine.


I had this happen yesterday too … started a show and got about 3 seconds of video, then black screen, while the audio continued.

I stopped, quit Plex, reopened Plex, then it played without blacking out the video, but still had random buffering


No help for plex. I’ve paid 125$ and no answer from us. Very disappointed. I can only watch episode on SD with my xbox one since new update.


Same problem here on black screen, I get audio but no video. Only fix that only works for say maybe one show and sometimes more is restarting the Xbox.


Might be the new Display Switching option inside PLEX client settings. Works fine on my Panasonic plasma, but many Tv’s apparently don’t work properly with it. You can also disable 24hz in XBOX settings to prevent switching to 24hz if your TV fails displaying it.


Thanks daniel. You solve my problem


This should be fixed in the v2.12.1 update just released, let me know if it helps.