Cast to Sonos



Since setting up Sonos I now see my Sonos devices when I click the cast button in Plex, but they just respond "unable to connect to if I click. This doesn't seem to be mentioned anywhere as an option but to me, one of the benefits of Plex, beyond the media server is the consistent cross-platform app. I'd rather stay in Plex than use the Sonos app. If that's not possible it would be better if the cast buttons didn't show the Sonos devices as that just looks like something is broken with high WAF.


A wide variety of DLNA compatible apps will improperly detect Sonos' UPnP traffic as DLNA, causing Sonos players on the network to show up in those apps. Sonos doesn't support DLNA though, so there's no way to send music to them from those apps.


Thanks. Given Plex is designed to integrate with Plex seems like a bug then that it shows the players.
Also shame that this doesn't work, as one of the key advantages of Plex is the unified interface.


It would be great if this was possible. Spotify's app recently gained the ability to cast directly to Sonos and it seems Sonos is amenable to a "direct control experience" with third party apps. Can anyone on the Plex team clarify if direct casting to Sonos is anywhere in your plans?

Sonos is finally opening its great speakers to Spotify's app


Any plans to revisit this feature? It would be a great have plex cast sound to sonos. Movies will get a new life!


There are other apps that have this functionality too, like to paid version of Vox. I don't mind the in app plex plugin (it's nice to have everything in one place), but being able to control all the plex enabled devices with the plex app is a bonus.


yes dlna apps report sonos improperly. but there are two fixes to this:
- don't show them. they are detectable and distinguishable
- the sonos api allows to play local streams so the cast functionality can be implemented
(i have done that with a proof of concept sonos module for plex)