Could Plexconnect/ATV3 act as a Plex "Player" so i can



In the browser and in my ios app i am seeing a “Players” feature where i can supposedly “flick” over some running content to continue watching it there.

I have PMS + PlexConnect running on my raspberrypi and i am accesing PlexConnect from two ATV3s.

Is there any chance to have those two ATVs available as players so i could start some content in the webapp and send them over to the AppleTV?


I guess it could be possible as long as you are "in" PlexConnect on aTV. Some JS algorithm needs to publish the aTV (protocol?), then run every so often to check for a request. Not sure how much overhead (network+internal to iOS) this would generate, though.
It won't run from aTV's homescreen, though, since at that point nothing PlexConnect related is running.


Is this something that would be interesting for you to follow up on? Feature request? :slight_smile: