Data Usage - Nvidia Shield TV



For the second month in a row I have received notice from Comcast that I had reached my limit on data usage. I have never had this happen before... I do have a home server with plex running on it and I purchased 3 of the Nvidia Shield TV's when they were released which was around 2 months ago. Is the Plex Server on my home server uploading the data to the internet and my Nvidia Shield TV's then pulling down the data? This would explain the crazy data usage I am now experiencing.. If so, is there a way to get the Nvidia Shield TVs to stream directly from my Plex server?


Any feedback on this?

We took our NVIDIA Shield with Plex server out camping with us this summer. It won't play any videos until it pings the internet EVERYTIME. There is no reason it should need internet in order to play local videos.

To get around this issue we just created a cellular hotspot. After a couple weeks it maxed out my wife's data plan.... there is no reason a local plex should need 3GB of data. Anyone have an explanation for this? The whole reason we got the Shield was its portability. I know others running WD drives with Plex and they never connect to internet.