Feature Request: Option to remove commercials on-demand


I've got quite a few shows that I have recorded, prior to the commercial removal feature being added. I'd really love to have the option to click the ellipsis (...) and choose "remove Commercials" or something, so plex will do some post processing on that file.

I've been using MCEbuddy on those files, but I've been so impressed with the commercial removal feature, I'd love to do it all directly on the PMS.


I agree. I love that my new DVR recordings have no commercials. However, my DVR library is full of previous recordings that still have commercials. I wish there was a way to apply comskip to an entire existing library within Plex, or one-by-one as gibbsmas said.


any update on this feature request?


Not within Plex as far as I know at this time.
However, you can use the actual comskip proggy to do it yourself for the time being.