File structure for Multimedia (Music and Photos Only)



PLEX was working wonderfully prior to the April 2017 update on my QNAP TS-453 Pro. As recommended, no movies or TV shows are in the Multimedia files. When I attempt to play something from the Music folder, I now receive Playback Error: Please check that the file exists and the necessary drive is mounted. Question: should music be stored under root/share/multimedia/music or share/cachedev1-data/.qpkg/codexpack/share/multimedia? I am obviously a novice at database management so appreciate ideas of what has gone wrong. Thanks!


You should not specify the whole path in PMS. /share/Multimedia/Music should be enough.

We do not recommend using Multimedia for Plex content as stated in

First we had the problem of QTS generating files in Multimedia that can “confuse” PMS into thinking that there are double files, then we had the CodexPack issue changing path names, who knows what future problems we will have when using Multimedia


Many thanks. I will probably be back with more questions.