[HowTo] Reset metadata agent preferences to defaults and whack caches


Originally Provided By Ottokerner here https://forums.plex.tv/discussion/comment/1197259/#Comment_1197259

Do the following:
- quit Plex server
- go to the Plex data folder
- dive down into the subfolder Plug-in Support/Caches and erase every subfolder in there
- then go back to the Plex data folder and go down into the subfolder Plug-in Support/Metadata Combination. In there, again erase all subfolders.
- go back into the plex data folder and go into the subfolder Plug-ins. In there, you'll see every channel, scanner or metadata agent you've installed. Erase those .bundle subfolders, you don't use anymore. There is no big harm done if you erase all of them. The worst which can happen is you have to re-install those plugins you still want.

If you are unsure whether you have found the right 'Plex data folder', take a look at the folder name of the Plug-ins folder. If its name is Plug-ins-2bd156c (or a similar cryptic code number), you are in the wrong folder! (if you erase anything in there, you have to re-install Plex server)

After all that, start Plex server. Wait a few minutes to give PMS time to restore the default settings.
All channel, scanner, agent and plugin settings will be reverted to their default values.
The order of the Agents will also be reset.
All your libraries, users and watched status will be still there.