Is Plex Media Server managing the Shield internal SMB share?



I am experiencing troubles enabling the internal SMB share and it looks like is related in someway to PMS. So I am wondering if PMS is managing the internal share.
Does anybody knows?


Short Answer: Yes.

Long Answer:

SMB server capability in Shield TV is part of PMS software. Control (on or off) is in the Shield TV settings. There are no settings via the PMS GUI.

From NVIDIA Shield TV Forum (tegradave/moderator):

HOWEVER, note that NAS mounts are controlled by NV software (SMB >client<, whereas PMS acts as SMB >server<), so if you are having problems with mounts you should file feedback report with NV customer care.

Additionally, the Shield TV is SMB1 only (Android limitation, call Google), which is now disabled by default in Windows 10. To enable SMB1 in Win10, go to Control Panels -> Programs & Features -> Turn Windows Features On & Off. Scroll to SMB 1.0/CIFS File Sharing Support. Select SMB1.0/CIFS Client. Can’t speak to enabling SMB1 on Mac/Linux/others.

FYI, SMB1 limitation applies to Shield mounting shares from a NAS/PC/etc. The NAS/PC/etc must have SMB1 enabled. If you try to mount a NAS share w/o SMB1 enabled, the Shield will return a bad username/password message, not a message about unsupported SMB versions.

Make sure you’re running the latest version of PMS. Auto-update does not always work on Shield TV (all apps, not just Plex). You can force it via the web. See tegradave’s full post for details. See Release Announcements for latest version of PMS & Client. PMS releases on the Shield tend to lag those on Windows & other platforms by several days.

Note the server feature is limited at best. IIRC, no access to external drives. Read/Write speeds under 100 Mbps (my experience, anyway). It doesn’t always auto-reconnect when I boot my PC. I experimented with it when I first purchased my Shield Pro, but really don’t have a use for it. Easier to keep my media on my NAS and mount shares on NAS from Shield (which is rock solid - no issues at all).


Hi @FordGuy61, thank you for the long answer :slight_smile:

Actually the my problem is that the internal share has to be re-enabled after a Shield reboot and, somethimes, it stops working even without a reboot.

Like you, my media are on a NAS (NFS share), but I would like to easy access to the Shield internal share just to read the PMS logs or to download the Tvheadend recordings (currently I am using adb as workaround for accessinng to the Shield storage).

So, I will try to contact the PleX support, hoping they can fix the issue.

Side note: lately I experienced a lot of PMS chrashes. I am not sure, but disabling the SMB share seems the chrashes are gone.

@“MovieFan.Plex” is this a known issue?


@“MovieFan.Plex” Bump!