Move files from one shared to another




I would like to move my files from one shared to another, i went through the FAQ but i can't edit my libraries.

Any idea ?


You have files in one Synology share and wish to move them to another but can’t ?


We need to know exactly what you are trying to achieve, without that knowledge it is difficult for us to help you.



Thanks for your answer / questions. I have my files on my Synology, in on shared, and i want to move them to a second shared in the Synology.


Then create a share on the second NAS and copy your files there.

If you are a Windows user, turn on SMB service in DSM Control Panel > File Services on both NAS and then you can use Windows File Explorer to copy the files.


Not a Syno user, but doesn’t Syno have a filestation or siml, that allows moving directly on the box, instead of Syno -> Windows -> Syno?



Yes, that is possible, but depending on ones setup, it does not always work.

For example, File Station does not see any of my Windows machines, only the NAS itself. I have no idea why, but it is related to my network somehow.


Well, if lots of files, still worth a try, or SSH to the box, and use a cp


I have files on my Synology, and i want to move them from one shared to another.

My point, what do i need to do in PMS


Could you be more specific, no one is sure what you mean.

Please tell us exactly what you are trying to do.


If / when I will move my files from the shared named Multimedia to the one named Video, will Plex be able to recognize it ?

I guess I will have to declare it in Plex but I don’t know where.

I you need more details can you precise them ? Thanks !


First of all, I do not advise you to use the default Video folder, that is intended for Video Station and it has been known to cause issues with Plex in the past.

Instead, open DSM Control Panel > Shared Folders and create a folder named Media. Make sure it has R/W permissions for both Plex and admin.

Then move all of your media into the Media folder, see Q5 on the Synology FAQ’s page for more details.

Once you have done that, then open Plex in your browser and move the mouse over the name of a library and click on … and select Edit. Then on the Add Folders tab, add the new path to your media folder for that library and delete the old path.


Ok, thank you :blush: