Need to start stream twice before play



I have a xpenology with pms and its been working for a long time with out issues
But at some update or maybe a setting ago i now need to start a stream twice.
What happens is. I start a movie/tv show the stream stops within the first second and does not continue.
I can then push back and restart the same stream and then it plays to the end.

I have search for others to have same issue, but cant seem to find anything.
This happens on android tv plex app, i cant recollect this to happen on my ipads, rasplex also have this issue.


If this happens only with specific player(s) like Android, it’s not a Synology / server issue. We can’t be of any help here.


Head over to the Android TV forum here:

One point that may or may not help, if you have a file that exhibits this problem, then run analysis on the file and try again.

If that corrects the problem, then run analysis on all of your files in that library.

Also, you must make sure that Plex is able to run maintenance and that the NAS is running at the times you specify in Plex settings > server > scheduled tasks. If you have a large library, then increase the amount of time for Plex to run maintenance.