Nvidia Shield PMS will not read any of my files from external drive



Hi there,

This is my first time posting on here and I'm really not sure what I'm doing wrong. I just purchased the 16gb version of the NVidia Shield and installed the Plex application along with the Media Server one as well and I don't see anything popping up. When i load up the Plex app, it just shows random curated content (nothing that's mine) and when i go to search for my stuff in the premade folders nothing pops up. I checked the settings and permissions and the Plex app does have access to my storage and my HDD is connected correctly. I even downloaded a third party video player and it pulled my content just fine.

I'm really at a loss of what I need to do to fix this, so any help here would be appreciated.

Plex and Plex media server apps are listed separately, but here are the following versions I currently am running.

Plex: Permissions (contacts - no; storage - yes)
Plex Media Server: Permissions (storage - yes)

Nvidia Shield version 6.2

My HDD is configured using the NTSF format and is mounted as "removable storage". I checked online and in here and it seems that is what NVidia recommends.

I have Shield storage access "Using USB" set to off since I can't quite figure out what that means.

If anyone has any insight as to how I can solve this I would be most grateful.


Having the same issue


Just saw this thread. The original OP's problem was probably due to running Plex Media Server This is an old version and does not work properly. If you and/or the OP are still having issues, please update to the latest PMS first.