playback stops after ~ 30 minutes




My current setup: A Pi v3, connected through samba with my nas. I use my phone to send the movie to my chromecast.

Everything is working ok, except for the fact it 'randomly' stops playing after ~ 30 minutes. I can then resume the movie, but its not how it is supposed to be. During playback, the 'plex is ready' screen appears on the chromecast.

I found the log files. It keeps repeating 'low on diskspace'. Not sure how that is possible, since the mount has at least 1.5tb left.

Any help is appreciated! A piece of the log is attached.


I think you are in the wrong subforum


Without looking at your logs, I'd bet you have PMS installed to the local card and the local card is low on space.


thanks for the replies, reposted this to more appropriate forum ->