Plex client will not rewind near end of video



Apologies if this has been seen before, but i was not able to find it in a search. Not sure whats happening, this seems to have just started recently. Any show i'm watching, regardless of length of time or file size, will just freeze if i try to rewind if its near the end of the video (probably around the last 10% or so). The client doesn't freeze, but the video will just stay up and all i can do is go back to the menu. Trying to hit play after this freeze does nothing as well. I am able to start playing any other file once i've exited the one that froze, and the client has no other issues with communicating with the plex media server, no lag or other issues. Any other video app on the shield doesn't seem to have this issue. I also tested on a windows plex client i also have and it seems to work fine.
I am running PMS on a windows server 2008 r2. All shield clients are connected to the server via 1gb ethernet, the windows client is connected via wifi.
Like i said, not sure if this has been mentioned before, but if you want or need any more info from me, let me know.


Same issue here. Video freezes if I try to rewind at the end. No choice but to exit out. Video starts from the beginning, leaving me to have to FF all the way to the end to rewatch.
PMS running on Win10.


Same here. I wonder if it’s related to the bug where you can’t restart a video if you exit it near the end of it, and try to go back to the same position (always marks the whole video as watched, thus having to start from the beginning)

I’m running version on Win10 x64.


Same issue on my shields for a while now. Dusted off a fire stick (for science) to see if it had the issue and it didn’t. Plex server running on Unraid docker.


Same problem here. Been going on for awhile now. Very frustrated


same issue! :frowning:


Same issue with mine - running on nVidia Shield server.


I have the same problem.
I noticed that once the far-end of the buffer reaches the end of the video, the whole buffer seems to be dropped. Playback is not affected as long as you don’t rewind or fast forward.
The only way to resume playback is to change the transcode.


Neither Plex for Kodi nor MrMC running on the Shield have this issue.
Maybe it’s time you guys switched to one of those til it gets fixed.


Yep. Once the buffer reaches the end of the video, a rewind will freeze the playback. Also if you stop the video, Plex will resume playback from the beginning not remembering how far you have watched. Any help from the Plex people?


This is still happening for me as well running Plex client on Shield. Any fix yet or is this being investigated?


Happens to me but I can usually resume the video where it froze and then rewind. I have a Fire TV 1st gen.