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Your Plex Cloud will automatically update, so please check the version in the Settings screen before reporting issues that the a subsequent update fixes. Naturally, your next question would be ‘How and when does my Plex Cloud update?’ This happens when you aren’t using your server (it would be really frustrating if we did it when you were looking at your holiday snaps!).

Support site: Plex Cloud


137 - Improved ‘set-up’ performance for those with large numbers of files in their Cloud Drive


138 - Fixes missing content when subject to Amazon rate limiting


139 - Some more performance tweaks (over 100x speed up in many cases)

If your startup takes longer than 15 minutes, then please let me know ASAP. Please PM me both logs and database.



  • Playback fixes (some mitigation for the amazon rate limiting, this will NOT fix all issues)
  • Analysis fixes (sometimes, analysis would fail when we got an error back from Cloud Drive)
  • Fixed an issue where a database could be reset under rare circumstances
  • Improve Cloud Drive scan performance (only for subsequent runs)


143 - Don’t break transcoding (in some edge cases). No one likes that.


144 - Bugfixes (internal things like performance and stability) and monitoring


145 - Scanning improvements (music matching & most of the Local Media Agent)

Note: some things like external subs may be detected, but they aren’t expected to work… yet.


Please note we are working very hard on a round of new updates, which have taken some time to get going properly! We hope to have some great news to share soon.

We are continuously making improvements to the backend, which do not manifest as new build numbers. There is much more to Plex Cloud than the build itself.



  • Only scan on startup when changes have been detected (and only scan the affected libraries)
  • Sidecar subtitle support
  • Human-readable file paths in Media Info
  • Scanner improvements (music reliability)
  • Other LMA improvements (still a work in progress)

Note, the above only covers visible improvements. There has been a bunch of work on stability of the image & scaling infrastructure, as well as general improvements to the transcoders.

We are aware of a number of issues reported in the forums, most have been recorded and prioritised. We hope to have another update to share in the coming week.



  • Dropbox support
  • Google Drive support
  • OneDrive support
  • Transcoder improvements

More info see:



  • Avoid upfront analysis on Google Drive items. This is a temporary workaround to help avoid Google Drive lockout
  • Use cloud thumbnails (with resizing) for all Amazon/OneDrive/GoogleDrive photos
  • Allow items to use the cloud thumb before analysis. This keeps Google Drive libraries looking good in light of (1)
  • OneDrive:Matches were sporadic and items would disappear/reappear (paths were urlencoded by OneDrive)
  • Amazon: Large libraries could lose items (candidate fix)
  • Transcoder improvements (mostly for seek)
  • Url caching improvements (helps Roku when doing DP and Transcode)
  • Lots of music fixes for OneDrive and Google Drive
  • A bunch of other optimisations and tweaks

(There have been a few public builds between 162 and 177, sorry for missing release notes. It was in a status of flux!)


  • All the goodies that comes with PMS v1.3
  • Google Drive scanning fixes (some libraries could have got into a weird state when adding new items to the drive)
  • Photo auto-tagging
  • Resolution to some of the common buffering issues when transcoding (still a work in progress)
  • Other bug fixes around startup (CORS, Shared server startup, general performance)

Note: Google Drive libraries may get re-scanned, and some content might not be present at first. Scanning again should add anything that was skipped. This is due to rate-limits and early bail outs in the scanner code. We are hard at work on a few mitigations that should reduce/remove the effects any rate limiting.

We are constantly reviewing issues reported here, so thank you for reporting them! You are really helping to get this ‘production ready’!


  • Hyper-speed scans (after the first scan with completes). Scans will now skip unmodified folders.
  • Fixed transcode issues on AppleTV, PMP,Android,AndroidTV
  • Fixed issue where state could be lost for some new users with very large cloud drives
  • Fixed issues where folders might still be present after deletion at source
  • Fixed issues where folders might be missing after adding at source
  • Fixed lockouts (502s) when DB backups conflicted with normal operation

Note: Similarly to 195, this build will do one deep-scan ahead of the ‘faster scanning’.


  • A whole heap of crash fixes
    • Crashes when metadata was being downloaded
    • Crashes during startup for some OneDrive users
    • Crashes during long scans of large libraries
  • Server hang fixes (i.e. when it would appear as up in the status panel, but couldn’t be hit by any clients)

As many of you have noticed, there have been several builds today that had candidate fixes. These were used to monitor crash rates, which I’m happy to report have dropped by > 95%.


  • Manual metadata uploads are now supported (and persist across restarts)


  • Let there be subs (specifically, external subtitle support)


  • No more pre-scans, and thus you can setup libraries right after provisioning a server.
  • Fixed an issue with metadata going missing when you had local posters (fixed by disabling local posters until we can fix it. You can upload them though, which will have a similar effect!)
  • Metadata matching improvements (still a work in progress)
  • A good dose of under the hood changes

(I saved this instead of submitting… my mistake)


  • Music scanning is significantly improved and should match on ID3 tags
  • Fix for a crash affecting some users with Photo libraries

To get the music scanning fixes you may have to do a refresh all or create a new library. Please provide samples for any files that do not get detected correctly.


Plex Cloud is now available to all Plex Pass subscribers!