Plex DVR, Trying to watch Live TV but get error "Unable to tune channel (no parts)"



Using Version on Ubuntu with an HDHomeRun Connect.
See screen shot

it also looks like the same reason the recording was aborted for this show, see below screen shot

Please advise on further steps to diagnose problem.
Brad Nolan.


I’m experiencing the same issue. HDHomerun on Windows 7.


me, too. on Ruku and AppleTV.


Here as well. Avermedia AVerTV Volar Hybrid Q running on Windows 10.


Same here , with error code (-1). HDHomerun, rasplex.


Same issue. Nvidia Shield TV 2017, Hauppauge WinTV DualHD. Finds all the channels but for the most part "unable to tune channel’ when trying to stream directly or via web browser. TV Singal from antenna is fine (external house antenna) as I was using it on a XBMC box (before it died).


Same issue here…

PMS_Plexpass: Version
FreeNAS 11 Jail
HD Homerun Connect
Live TV Plays fine directly with tuner.


I have a little script I can run on my linux laptop outside of Plex just to test tuning. It uses hdhomerun_config commands to ‘tune’ to a local channel, forks vlc the points the tuner at vlc.

leem@debris:~/bin$ tune-hdhr -c 2
Will tune 39 prog 1 on new (104DCE10) and point at VLC on
ERROR: resource locked by
ERROR: resource locked by

Looking at the plex server ( status page on the web interface there is no activity, but the server still seems to have the tuner locked from a previous live session.

It’ll probably clear up with time (or a restart of plexmedia server, or the tuner, or…). IMO the server is a little reluctant to let go when you exit a live stream from a web client anyway. I’ll try to test with Roku when I get a chance.

Sometimes a recorded session also fails to finish transcoding and appear it in its target folder. A restart of the server fixes that as well and is all I’ve found to fix it. The recording shows in the web client as 100% complete.

root@kitchen:/etc/dhcp# dpkg -l | grep plexmed
ii plexmediaserver amd64 Plex organizes all of your personal media so you can easily access and enjoy it.

Sure enough, I waited 5 minutes (to type this! :slight_smile: and now the tuner is free again for live streaming.




Bad form replying to myself, but after some streaming/exiting/etc. from a Chrome Plex Web client I’ve locked up Plex DVR tuner wise. These are the ‘locks’ from the HDHR connect tuner plex knows of. I do not see any.

leem@debris:~/bin$ /usr/bin/hdhomerun_config 104DCE10 get /tuner0/lockkey
leem@debris:~/bin$ /usr/bin/hdhomerun_config 104DCE10 get /tuner1/lockkey

But in the web client I get:

Unable to tune channel (No parts) until I restart plexmediaserver. And then plex DVR is happy again!

leem@debris:~/bin$ /usr/bin/hdhomerun_config 104DCE10 get /tuner0/lockkey (streaming now to a tab)
leem@debris:~/bin$ /usr/bin/hdhomerun_config 10151802 get /tuner1/lockkey
none (nothing scheduled)




Add me to the list… Same issue. HDHomePrime works with all other clients while failing with Plex with the error listed here


One more to the list. Iphone and web app on some live tv channels. HDHomerun Prime with PMS running on FreeNAS 11 server. Just started recently.


Same here. Win 10 using Hauppauge Quad TV HD. Plex live TV and DVR should still be in some sort of Beta as there are so many problems and limitations.


Me too, windows 10 HD home run Extend!
seems to play ok on the Roku and Android

Sounds like a plex bug to me…

#14 came out on Nov 14th and it has fixed the issue for me. This from the releases thread

“[Plex Media Server is now available to Plex Pass users in the Beta update channel
(Playback) Playback would end early on some devices”]( “Plex Media Server is now available to Plex Pass users in the Beta update channel
(Playback) Playback would end early on some devices”")

#15 hasn’t fixed the problem for me. As a matter of fact, I started seeing the Playback Error a couple of days ago when I updated to


same here. can confirm that the channel comes in on the tuner with TV… just not plex


I restarted my PMS running on FreeNAS 11 and now all the channels that would not tune are working on all devices.


Update. Started getting the playback error again on one channel after restarting PMS. I did another restart and now it is working again. Not good.


Same here! I am running PMS on DS918+ from Synology with two 16gb Nvidia Shields and recording from a HDHomerun Prime. I am having problems setting a recording from the Nvidia shield (nothing happens after pushing the record button). Now, I am having problems watching live TV from Plex. According to HDhomerun app, no turners are being used. Watching and recording TV works fine from within the HDhomerun app. Resetting the PMS seems to fix the problem but it’s only temporary.


And another one.
Doesn’t happen for all channels, but does for at least one. Restarting the Windows 7 plex server will fix it momentarily, but changing channels then going back will cause it to happen again.
Signal strength and quality don’t seem to affect it; happens on 617.000 MHz, 90%+ on both strength and quality. Other channels don’t do this.

And same, when plex can’t tune it HDHomerun app tunes it just fine.

Added another tuner to the server (Hauppauge Xbox One USB stick) in case it was an HDHomerun specific issue and didn’t resolve it.
Also, the problem has expanded beyond the single channel it was happening on at first to at least 3 different channels.