Plex library keeps on updating unless disconnected from network drive



My library will constantly update if I am connected to my synology drives within finder. The only way it stops is if I go and disconnect the network drives within finder. I have updated to the latest server version (64 bit) and am using a 918+ with 4 WD 8TB red drives with double redundancy. The behavior is that it will scan for a few seconds, finish the scan and wait a few seconds and then scans it again.

I have gone through a painstaking process of renaming every single media file to be consistent as well as removing all extraneous files that don't serve a purpose. All that is left is actual movie files and srt subtitle files. I have logs available if needed to troubleshoot. Thank you in advance for the help.


What did you use to name and structure your media? FileBot?

This sounds more like a MAC issue as Synology doesn’t have ‘Finder’.

Can you give an example of your naming including type of media? Move, TV, Music


I did use Filebot - and since I am a novice tech-head I bought the mac version. My files are name with the following scheme: {n} - {y} ({vf {vc}) - so Avatar - 2009 (1080p x265). The folders are just named with the name and year so Avatar - 2009.

Naming structure for TV is {n} - {S00E00} - {t}, so Firefly - S01E01 - Serenity

Correct that I am using my iMac to manage the file folders, but just that the synology has a connection to a computer should not trigger a scan every 2 seconds, imo.

Thanks for helping on this!


I see what’s happening.

Your naming convention for movies isn’t quite correct.

{n} - {y} ({vf {vc})

Should be:

{n} ({y}) [{vf {vc})]/{n} ({y}) [{vf {vc}]

The year goes inside the parentheses ( ). Information which is informative to you goes inside brackets [ ]

Episodes are as you have named then: {n}/Season {s}/{n} - {s00e00} - {t}


Oh boy - let’s start the renaming of over 1000 movies…

Thank you for the diagnosis. I’ll start on that and get back here and report when it’s done. Can you tell me why there’s two of the same formats in your “should be”? It repeats after the “/” - also I don’t need the last parenthesis before the last bracket, right and there should be a close bracket after the “f”, right?


Given how filebot works, I can rename 700+ movies in a few minutes over the LAN. With everything matched and names good, It should be able to drop 50-100 at a time, spin a second to verify , then boom., done :slight_smile:

Thank you for catching my typo! I’ve corrected the post.


I finished up with renaming everything (it wasn’t a nightmare like I had imagined) and waited for it to update everything in the library and for it to download everything - but it still basically continuously scans - one right after another.


Apparently, some software on your Mac is changing your media folders continuously, thus triggering a library update.
I’d look for anti virus or some search indexer.

Try to disable automatic library updates in Plex.
It might be a viable workaround until you have found the culprit.


I know about disabling automatic library updates - but I’d really like to avoid that if possible. I figured that it might show up in the logs and we could spot the culprit, but I’m not all that knowledgeable.


Are you sure, that the Mac when looking at your medias, doesn’t create hidden files/dirs with like tumbs etc?

And not a Mac nor Syno dude here, so pure guessing :wink:


When enabling view hidden files, I see one hidden file but it is outside of the movie folder structure. It’s called .apdisk but its at the same level as the movies folder in the hierarchy.


Open terminal on your Mac and enter this command:

defaults write DSDontWriteNetworkStores true

That will prevent your Mac from writting those useless .DS_Store files and folders to the NAS.

You should probably use File Station on the NAS to delete the .DS_Store files and folders as well.


Open terminal on your Mac and enter this command:

defaults write DSDontWriteNetworkStores true


You should probably use File Station on the NAS to delete the .DS_Store files and folders as well.

I don’t see these at all under either file station or finder


You wont see them in finder, but you should see them with File Station I think. Do a search for .DS_Store in File Station. I certainly see them in Windows at least.

Don’t forget the . when you search.

Of course your Mac may not have finished indexing and may not have had time to write them to disk yet.


I don’t see them - I may have already deleted them when I tried to fix this a few weeks back before going through the Filebot process. I also stopped the Plex package from synology and restarted it before doing everything.

What else can we check?


If you don’t see them, that’s a good thing, nothing for you to clean up.

Has Plex stopped indexing and are you sure it is Plex that is indexing?

If you have Video Station or Audio Station installed, they may also be indexing.


Can you clarify when you mean when you say indexing? I do have Video station installed and I’m uninstalling it now.


Uninstalled video station and no change, library continues to scan every 5-10 seconds


Indexing means just that. Something is creating an index of the files on your NAS. That could be for any reason and by any program.

May I see your Plex logs so that we can rule Plex out at least. Go to Plex settings > server > help and click on Download Logs. Attach the .zip file to your post, thanks.

Edit: Have you rebooted the Mac so that new setting takes effect??


Ah the magical reboot for the settings to take effect. Looks to be resolved now. Thanks all for the help in diagnosing and fixing this. Much appreciated.