plex not working anymore on samsung tv


I have been using my plex app on my Samsung TV UA55JU6400 for months without any issues. I have used it without any problems. 2 days ago was my last use. today I tried to use it again but the app doesn't load - instead it is stuck in the loading phase with the dots.
I have tried to reinstall it several times with no luck. I have the latest version of the app, and the server on my PC is also updated. I can use it with no problem with my apple tv but something has happened with the Samsung app.
anyone know what to do??



If that is a 2015 or earlier TV it runs orcas app.
I know from past experience that some issues can be fixed by reinstalling.
However.... the full procedure is
Uninstall the app.
Unplug the TV (Not switch off and not standby). So either switch off at the mains, or pull the power lead from the back of the TV.
Leave like this for at least 30 seconds.

If that doesn't work then look for help here...