Plex on Synology DS918+ crashing



my plex has been crashing lately tried installing all types of servers going through some trouble shooting threads posted here unfortunately cant figure out why it still crashes . last crash 17:50 if anyone can help and see whats the issue


Plex is not crashing at all, what is happening is your client is disconnecting for some reason and then transcoding goes idle until it times out.

Jun 13, 2018 17:50:40.999 [0x7f53087ff700] DEBUG - Shutting down idle session C4AB53DC-A114-47E5-9529-8B1C54153240 (idle time is 180 seconds)
Jun 13, 2018 17:51:09.367 [0x7f5302bc5700] DEBUG - Streaming Resource: Terminated session 0x7f52fcccc8e0:24EE7E30-B86F-4FD5-8A71-79BAB4DFA95E with reason Client stopped playback.

It would appear that you have either a network related issue on the ATV or perhaps you have a bad install of the Plex app on the ATV.

To help alleviate the possible network issue, make sure the NAS and ATV both have static IP addresses, or if your router supports it, use DHCP Reservation.


same thing . cpu goes to around 98 % when playing any type of movie runs for abit and then gives me ( couldn’t create playback session for this item ) on atv . Tries on my Samsung tv as well same issue gets disconnected .

Nas has a static ip

ATV has a static ip

did what you told me on the router to reserve the mac address as well same issue . This issue has never happened till after I installed the 6.2 and more upgrades on plex media server in the past month not sure if it has anything to do with that but previous to that I would have 3 people remote and on local network watch movies with no cpu fire up or crash or disconnection .


Plex on DSM 6.2 is not officially supported yet and will not be until the final version of DSM 6.2 is released to the public.

If you updated DSM to 6.2 RC you should re-install Plex. See Q7 followed by Q3 on the Synology FAQ’s page, link in my signature. That should restore Hardware Acceleration.


FYI, DSM 6.2 is released.

Synology® Announces Official Release of DiskStation Manager 6.2
Bellevue, Wash. —May 23, 2018—Synology® Inc. today announced the official release of DiskStation Manager (DSM) 6.2,…

PMS 1.13.2 running fine on my DS918+ / DSM 6.2-23739. I always stop/uninstall old/install new when updating to a new PMS release. Plex client v7.0.3 on Nvidia Shield working fine. No problems.


I stand corrected. It appears that Synology snuck the 23739 version into the Download Center. Last time I checked it was still at 23731 which was the RC version.

We’ve had no official word of that though, so I am still sceptical that this is the final release.


Ok tgis is what i did last night and seems to be working for the momment on atv . I went to the router and reserved the ip for the nas and set ip on atv as automatic and it went stable again . Watched a whole movie with no drop down .

So it seems that the network is what is causing the issue for now . ( Thanx trumpy )

I will leave this here and if i find anything else will update the issue .


You didn’t mention it, but did you reboot the modem/router etc…?

That can help sometimes also.


Yes rebooted all devices after the setup you told me about to do in the network . Till now its running smooth . Thanx again will be testing more for next couple of days if anything new occurs ill post log so you can see .


Thanks for that and do let us know if you have any more problems.