Plex will not find Media in folders



Thanks for any assistance on this...

I am in the beginning stages of setting up a Plex Server. I have moved some Movie files onto a drive attached to a Raspberry Pi 3. I have them named according to the following format 3TB - Plex\Movies\Movie Name - (DATE)\Movie Name (Date).mp4. The folders also have a cover.jpg and some may have a folder as well.

When I go to to Add a Library, I only am able to see the drive (3TB - Plex) and am not able to drill any lower to see the Movies folder. The server goes to look for the files, and then it says 'There are no items in this library.'

I have tried to do this from a remote computer and from the Pi itself.

I have attached a log.



Linux file permissions. User plex is not allowed to access your media. Please read:


If you’ve set your files to this structure: Plex\Movies\Movie Name - (DATE)\Movie Name (Date).mp4

Then you’ll need to create your Movie library to look for files here: Plex\Movies
(When creating this library, make sure you’ve selected “Movies” as the Library Type.)

For movies, Plex will expect to see them nested at the highest level that you’ve directed it to look for them. Also, make sure you’re not mixing TV Shows and Movies in the same directory.