Plexamp can't handle desktop resizing (Windows 10)



I've been using Plexamp on my work laptop for a couple of days now and I've run into a bug that I haven't seen here as yet.

At work I frequently plug a monitor into my laptop while it's running (for sharing my screen during a meeting, getting back to my desk and so on). This causes the desktop to resize to accommodate the change in desktop size. Whenever that happens the Plexamp window keeps its size but the size of the buttons change (they get larger, by the way). It looks like the place where you have to click doesn't change so that makes using Plexamp very difficult. My work laptop runs Windows 10.


I can confirm this. Plexamp just becomes unusable after a few dock / undock cycles.


Is desktop scaling enabled on your laptop? That may be related to the problem but I don’t know as I haven’t experienced it.