Plexamp keeps opening multiple instances of itself and closing one over and over again.


This just started happening today. I open plexamp and I kept getting busy mouse icon every half second and plexamp would not play anything. In task manager I see 4 insatnces of plexamp.exe where one would close and re-open again and again. Rebooted initially, no change. Uninstalled - reinstalled, no change. I can search for music but playing does nothing. I'm running Windows 10 with current updates.

I looked at the log and it appears that plexamp discovers my library on my lan but it the player isn't found in available resources.


Hmmm, sounds like maybe the server component is being restarted? I’d try whacking all the JSON files and starting from scratch (or just sign out and sign in again).


Having the same issue with the exact symptoms you described starting a couple weeks ago and had also already tried the same steps to resolve however it is still doing the same thing. Have you found a resolution yet?


Any chance either of you has a “weird” value for the TMPDIR environment variable? Or NODE_ENV?


Again, sorry I haven’t replied in a timely manner. Not sure of the weird environment variables but removing ALL files related to plexamp (%appdata%\local\Plexamp\Plexamp) after uninstalling and then re-installing resolved the issue.


both client and server side don’t have TMPDIR or NODE_ENV environment variables. However TMP and TEMP are both set to
“C:\Users\ [username]\AppData\Local\Temp” where [username] is my user name.

By the way something strange (and should be unrelated) when I tried to post this I had to add a space between C:\Users\ and [username] in order for it to show the back slash between C:\users and [username] otherwise it looked like C:\Users[username] in the post.


The other symptom I am experiencing is also described in this post