TV vs Film



I recently co-wrote this article


Talking about the rise in television etc. recently. 
I'd love to get some more feedback on it!


I'll give it a read and let you know what I think!  :)


Great insight into the rise of TV as a higher form of art (or entertainment, or both; whatever). 

I think you two rightly attribute the rise of quality in TV shows to The Sopranos. One of that show's producers, Matthew Weiner, went on to create Mad Men. 

Keeping with that theme of great shows evolving from other great shows, Vince Gilligan started with X-Files and then created Breaking Bad.

You can see some resemblances between the two shows in terms of dialogue, the way the characters work out these logical responses to each situation through discussion, making you a party to their decision making. But Breaking Bad's exalted drama and moral ambiguity is on another level from basically everything that's been done so far.

I can't wait to see what kind of shows come next, working off the platform built by shows like B.B., Mad Men, and stuff HBO has put out. 


@bnwmuppet Are you still active in these forums? I like reading criticism and film theory.


@aeonx i wish i was more frequently! (as you can see im nearly a year off and also i've changed my username) i'm still going through films & tv shows, but having a full time job has taken away a lot of the time of writing my own stuff. i still edit for that same website (, but mostly just talk in slack about films & tv that i've seen.

ps: the new slack integration is pretty cool!