Why can't I play movie with a DTS audio track?



I'm a Plex newbie and have come across an issue playing movies on my PS3 that have a DTS audio track. I used MakeMKV to rip a few movies to start and familiarize myself with the Plex system. I know the DTS tracks are selected when the MKV is made and the option shows up in Plex to play the DTS track. But, when I go to play the movie, I either get a regular Dolby Digital signal (only happened on one of the five movies) or I get an error code ('undefined' code: '-2140536828') or the playback crashes altogether. If I change the default audio to regular 5.1 on the PMS, then the movie will play via the PS3 Plex app.

I've found a couple posts that talk about DTS being transcoded to AC3, but, in my novice abilities with Plex, it doesn't look to me like these options are checked. Many of the posts talk about sending and positing log files, but I'm not sure where to get them or which ones to post that will be of use.

I prefer to listen to the DTS track when available, because the surround sound is so much better. I would hate for this to be a deal breaker for me no longer using Plex. Can anyone please help? I have all the time in the world to try to figure this out. Many thanks.


So, I was able to find some information for this on the PlayStation apps.


But, what I wasn't able to find was if there are ANY apps for Plex that DO support DTS audio. Does anyone know?


Because of hardware limitations on the Playstation you don't get DTS. But there are plenty of other Plex client solutions that allow for DTS/Dolby passthrough. The Plex Media Player desktop app (connect your PC to a receiver that can decode HD audio codecs via HDMI) supports all audio codecs, the Shield TV supports HD audio...

You have to look at individual devices like the various Rokus, the Fire TVs, etc - and see if they support the audio codecs you want.