Why does Plex hate touch devices so much?



Plex refuses to give us an updated Windows Store app (over 1 year since last update), and now with Plex/Web v3.52.2, you've broken all touch functionality in browsers. There are literally ZERO touch friendly interfaces for Windows right now, and considering how popular 2 in 1 devices are, it boggles the mind.

With 3.52.2, during playback, all UX elements disappear immediately once the finger leaves the screen, making it impossible to interact with any buttons via touch. The UX disappears as soon as you let go of the screen.

How are touch focused integration tests not even part of your deployment testing? Does Plex not believe that anyone uses touch devices outside of phones?

We even have a successful poll from the Windows community asking for more support (https://forums.plex.tv/discussion/319445/the-future-of-the-plex-client-on-windows-10-a-poll-for-customers), and all we could get is one Plex employee to go talk to the Windows dev team (https://forums.plex.tv/discussion/comment/1668268/#Comment_1668268). The dev team themselves couldn't even be bothered to show up.


Yeah, I was very surprised when I got my surface book and started using Plex. Regardless of whether it's touch or pen input, every button click gets "double clicked" unless I hold the button down like I'm trying to do a right click. It's so frustrating. This happens both on the web and in the Media Player app for windows.