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I've searched the forums and don't see an answer to this . . . . 


Is there a way add custom metadata fields (without being a developer)?  For home movies, Director, Writer etc. is not very useful. . .  I realize Plex was not designed to be a MAM / DAM but metadata tagging is crucial when your library gets large in size.  When I mouse over a video in my library, the overlay pops up and I click the pencil to edit.  The next screen that comes up has a menu on the left containing General, Tags, Poster, Background.  Is there a way to add additional, custom entry fields in the Genreral or Tags section?


And awesome job on this by the way - Plex is extremely useful and well done.




Am I really the only one that wants this?


This is actually something I'd love to see as well.  Even if it's just a general tags field.

Especially if it's just a general 'tags' field.


i want this to bad. All my home movies nees to be tagged. A general tag fild would be great.

However, searching for tags doesn't work. kind of useless then.


@tyler4550 said:
Am I really the only one that wants this?

You're not the only one - I'm creating a Rifftrax library that I'm pretty happy with, but I wish I could have a field for who the riffers were for a given video. There are all kinds of other reasons to want custom tags:

  • Date released in [my country] as well as date released in the US
  • IMDB Rating, Rotten Tomatoes rating, my rating
  • Notes (Actor's first film, Director's first film, Harrison Ford had dysentery while filming)
  • Budget
  • Awards
  • Filming Locations
  • Color / BW
  • and so on...

I don't understand how someone creates a metadata schema for a general consumer software and doesn't consider making it extensible.


I also would like a custom tag feature.


I'm also interested in such feature.


I miss that Soooo much too!


I would love to have a custom tag field available. I have a movie collection of almost 2000 DVD's. I have been ripping them and putting them onto a qnap server with Plex and am loving the results. But I have the original DVD's numbered and am storing them in folders. I would like to have a field for the number displayed in plex. So if someone wants to get the original disk out or check get the blueray they can easily tell which folder. Right now I have the tag on the files and it is able to be see using media monkey or other advanced media browsers but it would be really handy to have this as an option in PLEX. my whole family knows plex and loves it so having custom fields that I can put information in would really be helpful.
+1 or +5 if you could my whole family :)


This would be incredibly helpful especially down to the episode level in TV Shows.


Yeah I needed it too, for alternative titles.
A good example is the movie Moana, that is called Vaiana in other countries.
My friends searched for Vaiana and no result.


As a suggestion, you can add a Number to Genre on a title then use a Genre filter. Only thing is that there may be limitations