Multi-part movies not appearing properly


I thought I had followed the instructions but only the second file of my 2 part movies are appearing.

Any suggestions?


Leave out the spaces before and after the hyphen.


Above is what is recommended by Plex (with spaces).
Below is my attempt without spaces, which still didn’t work. Clicking on it only shows one movie, sometimes first file, sometimes 2nd.


have you checked the other criteria?

Naming Multi-File Movies (Support Article) says:

  • Not all Plex Apps support playback of stacked media (n/a)
  • All parts must be of the same file format (e.g. all MP4 or all MKV) (ok)
  • All parts should have identical audio and subtitle streams in the same order (this one!!)
  • Only stacks up to 8 parts are supported (ok)
  • “Other Videos” libraries or those using the “Plex Video Files Scanner” do not support stacked content. (I suppose you don't use that??)


The dreaded default location of Local Media Assets - borking all attempts at the use of MP4 files with bogus embedded metadata?

Don’t know if this long-running-and-left-unresolved bug has anything to do with stacking, but…:

…embedded metadata in the Title Field of MP4/M4V files. Plex will read this info and prefer it over a perfect file name/structure, but you can combat that situation by moving Local Media Assets to the bottom of every agent list you can find. All tabs in TV Shows and Movies here:
Just drag LMA to the bottom of the list and drop it. If you do have embedded metadata this will cure the issue, if you don’t it won’t matter. LMA will do what it has to from the bottom.

I have the movie and I can tell ya it’s not Spaceballs (2005).xxx - it’s Spaceballs (1987).xxx

also - if you’re trying to work on Spaceballs The Documentary (2005).xxx that’s how you should name it:

and if you’re trying to append the documentary to the end of the movie, you should first try to get the name of the movie correct:
Spaceballs (1987) - disk1.mp4
Spaceballs (1987) - disk2.mp4
should do it - providing there’s no bogus embedded metadata within causing gaulding of the groin area(s).

If you simply have the movie in two parts join them together with:

because once you discover how badly Plex mishandles stacking - it’s what you’re gonna do anyway…

Then I guess it could be something else…



@tom80H said:

  • All parts should have identical audio and subtitle streams in the same order (this one!!)

@tom80H What can I use to find a detailed list of the audio/subtitle streams?


you can use VLC’s “media information” window (tab: streams).
if you’re on a Mac you can use e.g. Subler.
you could also use e.g. MKVToolnix and add the mp4 file to the multiplexer or header editor to see the streams and their parameters


Using the Web App, I tested and trial many times and finally resolved the same problem on my end: This is the final file names which works, forget about Plex suggestion, after the title file name and the year, one space, no hyphen, just the pt? or CD? or part? .
And then nothing after it, straight to the “.extention”.