Plex Showing The Same File Twice



Recently my Plex Server has started to show two versions of the same TV episodes recently downloaded. When I look at the web interface and go to properties, both versions show the exact same file path and name. I recently updated to version 1.4.x and now running Can anyone tell me why this is happening?
I use Sonarr and nzbget. nzbget is downloading to one folder then Sonarr picks it up, renames and moves it to the folder Plex is monitoring and then sends a notification to Plex to update the library.


If you hover over the particular show, click 'Get info' . If this is where you're seeing it, then somewhere, you have the same directory listed or of the directories you have listed, there is a symlink which is pushing you back to see the same file.

First step is to manually update the library
Then empty the trash
when that's done, Clean the bundles.

It is possible (has happened to me) Sonarr output to the NAS from one host and PMS on the other host are not close enough in sync with each other that PMS adds it before it's fully there.

Taking the steps above should clear that.

If not, we'll grab the logs and see WTheck is going on


I'm having a similar issue...though it has nothing to do with Sonarr. I'm using Plex DVR...I record several shows, this one particular show is a recurring issue...Plex indexes it twice even though there is only one physical file. Odd.


Having the same issue with some of my music. Here is the old thread:


You may continue your music thread (the link you provided above). This thread is about video thanks.


@ChuckPA said:
You may continue your music thread (the link you provided above). This thread is about video thanks.

Thank you for allow me to continue my unanswered thread. Using the Plex Dance should not be a solution.


hey there thanks for the reply, sorry took me so long to respond. I do see the duplicate under get info and when I try to play it asks me which version to play but they're identical.

Tried your steps but unfortunately didn't work.

This is an example of one TV show episode that has two versions. Both to the same path. Plex, Sonarr, and Radarr are all running locally on a QNAP so no remote components. Also doesn't happen with every show, just some episodes of some shows.

I attached the logs as requested.

Delete Files
/share/MD0_DATA/Multimedia/sabnzbd/Designated Survivor/Season 1/Designated Survivor - S01E20 - Bombshell HDTV-720p.mkv
Delete Files
/share/MD0_DATA/Multimedia/sabnzbd/Designated Survivor/Season 1/Designated Survivor - S01E20 - Bombshell HDTV-720p.mkv


bumping, please help :smile:

Thank you!


Any updates to this issue? I'm also see this, using Version


Same thing is happening to me, 2 versions of the same file for TV shows and Movies. Rescan files, empty trash didnt do anything.


Not to be pedantic but

  1. After Update Libraries and Empty Trash
  2. Are you "Clean Bundles" ?

I state this because nothing has been 'hard deleted' until after the actual bundles (metadata) are gone.


This seemed to be because sonarr and radarr were sending plex notifications at the same time plex was kicking off it's automated scanning based on the folder being changed. If they ran over each other you end up with two entries. I turned off the Plex notifier from Sonarr and Radarr and haven't had a problem since.


Have the same problem here. Thought it might be Sonarr when I saw this thread but don't even have it hooked up to Plex, and issue happens when it's off. Anyone else narrow down the problem? (not on Linux but mod helpfully closed my unanswered topic in PP forums and this seems relevant).


I'm having the same issue. Sonarr isn't connected to Plex. It's happening to almost everything I add. Although, if I delete the file and copy it back in it won't do it again sometimes. I'm not sure what's going on.


Symlinks ?
A directory and then its parent directory listed?

When you look at the pathnames, what do they show?

I do need to see / understand what you're seeing. I'm kinda blind at this point


There is only one folder in the library. There are no shortcuts (it's a windows server) or symlinks. The two paths listed are perfectly identical.


I have no idea about Windows. This is the Linux forum.

That aside, what you're seeing only occurs when PMS is shutting down and transferring the cache entries to the main DB but doesn't get to delete them before power off When it next powers up, it will find them sitting in cache and again transfer them to the DB at next shutdown or as it needs to reclaim cache space.

Unless you know how to remove duplicate entries from a database, your only recourse is to delete the particular section and begin again.


This continues to happen, seemingly at random. there are no links involved and no duplicate files.

on my Synology I have:

1900976 -rw-rw-rw- 1 sc-nzbdrone nzbdrone 1946597280 Mar 27 22:35 iZombie - S04E05 - Goon Struck.mkv

and in Plex I have two files listed.

/volume1/Media/TV/iZombie/S4/iZombie - S04E05 - Goon Struck.mkv
/volume1/Media/TV/iZombie/S4/iZombie - S04E05 - Goon Struck.mkv

other files in that directory are not listed twice.

Sometimes I can fix it by moving the file out of Plex's paths and then replacing it after a few minutes, but not always. A forced library scan does not fix it. It's not severe enough a problem for me to erase all metadata, but it is a frequent annoyance.

It happens with movies as well (I do not use Radarr).