[HowTo] Selecting multiple items for edit, playlist, etc.


Selecting Multiple Items

This is covered in the online help, but it can be hard to find, so I’ve decided to write this quick how-to.

Manually selecting items in Plex is easy. Whether your library is displaying Artists, Albums, or Tracks (in Music libraries. These steps also apply in Movies, TV, and in a limited way in Photo libraries), on the left sidebar in Plex Web, find the ‘Select’ button:

Click it to remove the checkmark. This puts you into Select mode (seems backward, I know). Now click on the items you want. A checkmark will appear (or an orange vertical bar for tracks) on selected items.

You may also multi-select items by using the Ctrl or Shift key while clicking on items. Ctrl+click allows you to select multiple individual items. Shift+click allows you to select a range of items (Shift+click first and last items, and everything between them will be selected). This is similar to the way most file manager applications work.


Things have changed with the introduction of Plex Web 3.x, so I think an update to this How-to is in order:

The ‘Select’ option in the left sidebar (indeed, the whole left sidebar) is gone.

When you hover over any Library item, some controls appear:

You can put the UI into Selection mode by clicking on the ‘Select’ control for any item. You can also hold the Ctrl key and click on any item (you don’t have to hit the ‘Select’ control in this case. Anywhere on the poster will do).

As soon as any item is selected, you are in Select mode. To select additional individual items, you can just click anywhere on the poster.

As always, you can select a range of items by using Shift+click. While holding the Shift key down, click the first and last items, and everything between them will be selected.

As you can see in the screenshot, the header contains a count of selected items, as well as a ‘Deselect All’ control, which clears all selections and takes you out of Selection mode.

Most of the other functions from the sidebar (Edit, Add to Playlist, etc.) have been moved to a horizontal toolbar at the upper right:

Feature Request: "Select All" & Subfolder Selection

Weird, I don’t see circles in the top left corner. What I’ve done it search movies for “harry potter” and then I want to add all of the search results to a “Harry Potter” playlist.
I have and edit button in the bottom left, and 3 dots in the bottom right. Also in the middle is a circle with the “Play” icon in the middle for playing the movie. Screenshot attached.


These instructions only apply to browsing your libraries. They do not apply to search results.



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