Plex for Xbox 360 Status Update



The Xbox 360 platform may be almost 12 years old (it's hard to believe that it was originally released on November 22, 2005!!), but we know we have many users out there who enjoy running Plex on their Xbox 360 consoles. We want to provide an update on the status of our Xbox 360 app to those dedicated users.

Microsoft is no longer accepting and publishing updates for general Xbox 360 applications (this does not apply to games). As such, we've shifted our resources to supporting Microsoft’s current gaming platform, the Xbox One (including the Xbox One S and Xbox One X models). The existing Plex for Xbox 360 app will remain in the app store for the foreseeable future, but it will not receive any more updates. The Xbox 360 app forum will remain active for the benefit of community discussion for as long as the app is available in Microsoft’s app store.

To summarize the Xbox 360 app status:
* The current Xbox 360 app is provided “as-is”
* There will be no future app updates
* It is not possible to add features or fix issues with the app

We appreciate your understanding and thank you for using Plex!

Xbox 360 Pro Plex playback issues since update