Create a share for Plex Library Directory



So, if you want an easy access to like logs, to add/remove 3.Party plugins etc.then this QPKG will help you in creating this share.

Simply download the qpkg from here, and install it manually from the AppCenter.

It’ll then create a share named Plex pointing to the Library directory, where only admin user has access

Happy Plexing


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What are the advantages of using this? Just easier access? I currently use WinSCP to SFTP into my NAS.


@BriskVision said:
What are the advantages of using this? Just easier access? I currently use WinSCP to SFTP into my NAS.

You nailed it, and is intended primarily for people not knowing what QNAP/Linux is


can this be used to backup the library on qnap?


yes, after you installed this you can access the share in the backup app


great app ty big time


one more question are the playlist also there?


They are in the database, so yes


thanks great work on the app


Hi ,

This app is great Thanks for developing it , just quick question I am new to all this ,and the command line is not the first thing I want to use ,as I do not know how yet … The app gives me easy access to the Library directory files to backup the Plex Media Server all in one folder.

when you have the Plex Media Server folder copied.
How do you Restore the Plex Database ,so you have all your Metadata back…
Can that be done without command line in some way …

Thanks again …


Plex database is not enough, since all the metadata is stored outside the database.

To do a complete restore, in case of a crash, you need to do the following:

After QNAP has been reinstalled, install Plex Media Server (PMS)
Then disable PMS from the AppCenter, and copy back the contents of the shared folder, overwriting what’s in it.
Then enable PMS again


Hi Dane,

Thanks your the quick reply and solution . So If I follow your steps , all the changes I have made
for example the name changes to Tv episodes and some films in the metadata will all be restored .If I overwrite the
share named Plex that was created with your app ,with my backup of that Plex folder or I am wrong in thinking this.
If I am wrong how can keep the metadata changes I have made , without the command line if thats even possible .

Thanks for patience …


You are correct. simply overwrite what’s in the folder with a former backup


I can see the Plex folder now.

Does it automatically update? I read on reddit that you have a manual procedure that’s too “technical”. Can you please direct me to that?
EDIT: Apologies, I read the FAQ from start to finish and found the manual way.




After the Plex folder share has been created, there’s nothing more to it.

No updates needed


I created the shared folder manually following the steps in the Q&A for QNAP that you posted, but after creating it that folder is empty, is there anything else to do in order to the folder to show the content?


Delete it, and then use this:


Just to comment for those that are interested (I was, so I looked it up in the package code and the faq), the actual Library folder that the new share would link to is:
${QPKG_DIR}/Library, where {QPKG_DIR} is the directory returned by the command getcfg -f /etc/config/qpkg.conf PlexMediaServer Install_path.


I have a new QNAP NAS and the learning curve is steep so thanks for the help with this qpkg. Dumb question…do I then put my media in the Plex folder that was created or does that go elsewhere?


It goes somewhere else!