Plex naming schemes for FileBot


FileBot 4.7 includes a new binding {plex} which will give you the Plex Naming Standard path for all media types:


FileBot Media Renamer =>
FileBot {plex} binding =>

EDIT: use built-in {plex} binding instead of long format expressions

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I see the following complaint from FB: BindingException: "lang": undefined
Do I need a newer version or a special build?


{lang} is only defined for subtitle files. So if you're testing with video files that warning is to be expected and can be ignored. The {'.'+lang} part gives subtitle files the additional language suffix (e.g. .eng) but won't affect naming of video files due to {lang} being undefined for these cases.


Thanks for the explanation!


Hi, I never used Filebot before,
What's the Plex tag?
It automatically replace all the other things?


Pretty much. It'll give you the relative plex path for Movie/Episode/Music objects. Just play with the Format Editor for a few minutes and then it'll all make sense.


thanks :) Still filebot is a standalone program, not a plugin for plex right?


@Ansem93 said:
thanks :) Still filebot is a standalone program, not a plugin for plex right?



unfortunately {plex} doesn't seem to deal with colons in show/episode names.


FileBot 4.7.1 and higher will force Windows-compatible file/folder names when using {plex}.


Awesome, thanks.


Just thought I'd point out an interesting bug(?) I noticed. I was trying to match Star Trek: The Next Generation. I'd drag my files in and press match. Because there're lots of series with a similar name, the box would pop up where it'd ask me to identify the correct series on TVDB. I'd select The Next Generation, and continue. And then FileBot loads the names for the Original Series. Tested multiple times again and again, and restarted and tested again. Every time I tell it to match to the Next Generation, it pulls the episode names for the Original Series. Same results for one season at a time. Manually finding the episodes in the next tab has no issues.

Curiously, Deep Space Nine did not have this issue.


Logs? Filenames?

What's happening is that FileBot is considering multiple options to begin with, some of which it may ask about , some of which don't need asking about. That's just my guess. Without the filenames I can't tell you what's going on.


Where would I find the logs? I was able to reproduce the issue by creating a file named "Star.Trek.TNG.S01E04.Code of Honor.avi" and running it through FileBot. It asks specifically how it should match that file, I select next gen, and it matches to tos instead. I'm guessing it's because it was named "star.trek.tng" instead of "" or such. It just threw me off because it specifically asked how to match it and then ignored that entirely.


That explains things. FileBot will search by "Star Trek" (makes sense, no questions) and "Star Trek TNG" (makes no sense, because it hasn't been added as alias yet, so it'll ask) and decides that "Star Trek" makes the most sense.

I'll add "Star Trek: TNG" to my alias list.

In the meanwhile you can always skip auto-detection by SHIFT-CLICKING the datasource.


Ah ok. I get it now. While you're at it VOY = Voyager, ENT = Enterprise, DS9 = Deep Space Nine, TOS = The Original Series (just Star Trek). ;) Tested Shift+click as well and that works perfectly. Thanks for the tips!


Hey, I'm getting this error when trying to use this:

[CLOSED] 0.0 / 597.8 MB Rate: 0.0 / 0.0 KB Uploaded: 0.0 MB [T R: 0.00]
The Whitest Kids U' Know
[OPEN] 0.0 / 7805.5 MB Rate: 0.0 / 0.0 KB Uploaded: 0.0 MB [T R: 0.00]
Airplane! (1980) [1080p] x264 - Jalucian [OPEN] 0.0 / 1518.1 MB Rate: 0.0 / 0.0 KB Uploaded: 1714.4 MB [T R: 0.00] Inactive: Download registered a
( 2:48:22) A5561850D0049562E49AAB18B2FA8BB85AEF11E4->file_list: Failed to prepare file list: Could not create directory '/root/Downloads/WarGames 1983 1080p BDRip H264 AAC - KiNGD
OM': No such file or directorywnload: Could not create directory '/root/Downloads/WarGames 1983 1080p BDRip H264 AAC - KiNGDOM': No such file or directory

On Debian 8. I can't seem to figure out what's causing this problem, any ideas?


FileBot is not a download tool. This log has absolutely nothing to do with FileBot.


My mistake, it's a problem with an RTorrent script that I can't seem to fix


Hiya, I switched to the Deluge client and am facing a different problem (I'm really sorry I would post on the FB forums but the captcha's bugged out so I'm not able to register)

Error: Illegal usage: input folder must not contain output folder: /home/ru/Media

deluge exection: /home/ru/